Sunday, 28 April 2013

My latest Character is taking shape, nicely.

Hey guys;

The latest member of The Borough Boys is developing nicely, in what will be 'Book Two' in the series.

Constable Archie Perkins. Young, cocky, a very aggressive and dogged street fighter, with quick hands and a quicker brain.Slightly built and wiry, he is in need of a strong leash!

Paired off and matched with the developing talents of Samson Shepherd, the Rookeries are having a bit of a hard time in the next one...and the bad guys are not having much their own way!

With Detective Sergeant John Beddows backing them up with his 'in your face' investigation techniques, and the illustrious masters of disguise, Tanky Smith & Black Tommy Haynes doing their 'what nobody else will do' incursions, book two is looking to be an entertaining follow-up, and hopefully, will be out as a 'short novel' for the Summer!


  1. Looking forward to revisiting The Borough Boys. Archie sounds like an interesting addition to the force!

    1. HI Megan; Thanks for the comment. I am thoroughly enjoying getting my head down into Book two. I have a pile of stories that I want to get down on paper, and it just seems like swimming against the tide. I think I know what I shall be doing for the next few years, hopefully!


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