Wednesday, 10 April 2013

More resources for Historical Novelists and Genealogists!

Use of British Newspaper Archive for Historical data...

I have just been chatting on a LinkedIn writers group, with a writer who has been struggling to get specific data for certain days in their research for a new Historical Novel.

Many people may not be aware of The British Newspaper Archive, which has copies of (currently) 6,787,555 newspapers from across the UK going back to circa 1800 and, as I understand, earlier when scanned.

These can be viewed on purchase of credits, or for a membership, but once purchased a PDF version of each can be downloaded and used at your leisure.

As much as they are a UK resource, Britain's thirst for world news meant that The Times, and London Standard, for example, carried world news, events, weather, trade, and as such there is so much data, it is a goldmine.

I have copies of papers locally and Nationally for November 1854 to January 1855, for researching The Crimean war, which features heavily in my next major novel in my Borough Boys series.


Their website can be found here... British Newspaper archives

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