Saturday, 13 April 2013

Juggling & Plate Spinning - too many tricks in the air!

Hey guys;

Don't you just hate it when you take a look at what you are doing and think OMG!

Ambition is a curse.

I presently recognise that I have the following projects on the go...

Eyes of an Eagle - my second major novel in 'The Borough Boys' series. Currently at about 40k words.

A short novel, which I intended to start as a filler, between numbers #1 and #2 in 'The Borough Boys'  series, that now stands at about 7.5k words , and still in chapter one!

The first of the 'Tony Lawrence' series of contemporary detective novels, set in Santorini, Greece, and currently at about 20k words.

A non-fiction 'reference' book on how to use Genealogy & Local History resources on the WWW for researching Historical Fiction. Currently in structure & intended content framework only.

I want to plough on with ALL of them, but need to focus on prioritisation.



  1. I'd have to know a little more about them Phil before I could give an opinion. All three sound interesting from the titles.

    1. Hi Michael; Thanks for the interest. I will endeavour to put a bit more on about each, as the next week progresses - and possibly even a taster chapter for those partially completed.

      Watch this space , or visit my website at

  2. I'm curious: which one do you find yourself obsessing over? Based on word count, I'd guess Eyes of an Eagle. If that's true, then that would make sense to complete - you're half-way there! And fans of the Borough Boys series would have more content to devour, and sales of Jack Ketch's Puppets spike again...

    1. Hi Chaunce. How are things? Eyes of an Eagle was the number one, but I have taken a leap from 1850 to 1854/5, and realised that there is a big gap in terms of who my characters are, and what they have done to merit their status in 1854.

      Hence the shift to starting the short novel for 1851 as #2 in the series. Logically numbers 3, and 4 should also follow...

      The contemporary novel was a result of being asked if I was going to use my personal experiences and put them into use, which I have so many to tell.

      The non-fiction has come from interest across about six different platforms following the posts I have put out recently on British Newspaper archive and Genealogy resources.

      In between I am also trying to blog, and even more importantly, read a broader cross section of other peoples' work!

      I think I might focus on Short #2, and see how that fits in - as you say an added extra for the Borough Boys, hot on the back of Jack Ketch's Puppets!

      Damn - this writing becomes addictive.

      How are you getting on with your latest? Any nearer with pulling it all together?


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