Friday, 26 April 2013

Jack Ketch's Puppets - New Cover; new blurb!

Hey guys;

After an average free giveaway on KDP, and lots of negative comments about self-published writers on LinkedIn groups, I finally decided on the revisions to my cover and blurb, hence why the book was 'down' at Amazon & Kindle during the day yesterday.

It may not be perfect, but it got pleasing comments from a select group, and here it is...

The blurb now reads...

‘Perhaps there has been a little - Jiggery Pokery?’ 

This was the first thought that crossed the mind of experienced Constable John Beddows, when he and his rookie, Constable Samson Shepherd, first set eyes on the body of a young boy in the local river.

Had the Constables known then, that this was to be only a mere glimpse of what they and their colleagues would shortly have to face up to, they may have thought again, and shuddered!

Rumour; folklore; legend; what place in these events? Flesh and blood was more likely to be the key to this one, in every sense!

This is 1850 in Leicester, England, where the rich are getting richer and the poor are to all intent and purpose, disposable!

Do Shepherd and his mentor Beddows, together with their colleagues ‘The Borough Boys’, have the skills and resolve to cut out the heart of this depravity?

I will wait and see whther it catches a few more eyes!

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