Sunday, 14 April 2013

I've got to stop being so negative!

Hey guys;

Yesterday, I received some constructive criticism about my novel 'Jack Ketch's Puppets'. It was obviously well intended, but also, made me think.

So much so, that this morning, my brain woke me at a silly hour and I just had to get up and take another look at what he had said.

Consequently, I started to make changes to my cover design, and to my blurb, both of which are quite a nice alternative to what I currently have for the book.

My wife started reminding me about the 'don't try and run before you can walk' conversations of the last coupleof days.

I decided to look at how 'Jack Ketch's Puppets' was doing compared to my favourite authors and their books...

Sebastian Faulkes - Birdsong - #1,037 paid books on Amazon

Kate Summerscale - The suspicions of Mr Witcher - #2,623 paid books on Amazon

Ben Elton - The First Casualty - #11,036 paid books on Amazon

James McGee - Ratcatcher - #43,844 paid books on Amazon

James Mcgee - Resurrectionists - #31,687 paid books on Amazon

Elizabeth Speller - The return of Captain Emmett* - #56,675 paid books on Amazon

*Elizabeth's book is reviewed as 'Better than Birdsong'.

Mine? #22,685 paid on Amazon!

So, I am selling better than three of my all time favourites! And higher in the ratings!

And my feedback providers status - I shall not disclose, for I now know who I shall be listening to!

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