Sunday, 21 April 2013

Gaining interest worldwide

Hey guys;

One of the things I have found slightly moving with writing, is the desire to spread news of my books not just locally, but globally.

Who would believe that there could be so much interest in a new writer (date I say - author - you old cynics out there) and his books?

I have just completed two interview sessions for talented authors in both Australia and USA.

I have sent off a very detailed Q & A set to the multi-talented Clancy Tucker, who writes YA and fiction and had received an abundance of wonderful awards in the land of OZ, and who is also a photographer and champion of less privileged kids!

I have done the same for the amazing Lynn Swayze Wilson at Genrebooks in the USA, who champions equality and new writers worldwide.

Both interviews were detailed, challenging, and great fun to think about!

Clancy and Lynn - thanks for the opportunities!



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