Monday, 29 April 2013

First real look at book 'sales'

Hey guys;

After a little prompting from fellow Google+ contributors, I have just done a check on 'sales' since my books went out on 25th March 2013.

Jack Ketch's Puppets has been sold in paperback or downloaded 867 times!

Leicestershire Myth & Legend - in verse - 124 times.

Sadly for me, many are the giveaways, so I can't retire in comfort quite just yet!

I have also sold some copies through Createspace store as paperbacks but as yet am unclear on totals.

I am unable to gain information as to paperback versions from FeedARead as they are produced every 6 months, and I shall have to wait until October!

They say that a first time writer sells about 500 copies of their first book in total. I am therefore over the moon at what has been achieved in a little over five weeks!

Thanks to those of you who have contributed to the figures!

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