Wednesday, 10 April 2013

An abundance of talent! Long live self-publishing!

I have had a really interesting day today, snooping around the websites and facebook pages of some of my new 'Fans' and 'Followers' on my Facebook 'Borough Boys' page.

I am just blown away by the diversity of what is being produced.

There are some beautiful looking and intriguing titles and blurbs, many of which have already whetted my appetite, and will shortly appear on my 'to read' lists.

Many of these are self-published.

I wonder how many of these writers / authors would have been published under the old regime?

Self publishing is refreshing and encompassing. It gives life to new authors, and gives the readers the chance to decide what they want to read, and not the publishing houses and agents!

The king is dead, long live self-publishing!


  1. Couldn't agree more Phil. You only have to read how often current best-selling authors were rejected to know that publishers and agents really don't know it all. I'm sure many agents do a great job and are sympathetic to writers, but some do come across as somewhat arrogant. One I approached indicated that I should send the usual excerpt, wait 6 weeks, then assume rejection - they wouldn't contact me. They also objected to multiple submissions. That's why I am also going down the self publishing road.

    1. Hi Anne; To start off, I quite expected Agency rejections. Then I learned how to submit a proper synopsis, and I got a different type of rejection. I had one very nice rejection, which was encouraging, but inevitably, it was that THEY didn't think my book would sell, and could not invest.

      I think the nice thing now is, we can all give it our best shot! If we succeed, then great, and when the Agents contact us and say ' WE like you now...' it will have to be a damned good offer!

      I like the level of control, and it is my book, not an editors, and not the Publisher's.

      Good for you, taking the same route!


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