Monday, 8 April 2013

A time of worrying doubt!

Hey Guys;

Monday; 7.25pm, Leicester, England.

The anti-climax of my release week and the Easter giveaway weekend has set in.

I am having a mental battle with my Amazon stats and what people are telling me!

Yesterday, I received a number of calls from trusted friends, telling me that yesterday morning, they had downloaded and bought my first novel, 'Jack Ketch's Puppets' for Kindle.

Yet, the figures on Kindle for sales yesterday do not reflect any such sales.

I do not know if this is Kindle or Amazon's statistical gathering process, or I am just not getting the sales that I am led to believe are being made. I have more doubt in Amazon & KDP than in my friends.

Also, I read several articles recently, stating that for a first book, if you sell 500 copies you are doing well, and 5,000, very well.

I am averaging about 93 a week on current stats, so perhaps I shouldn't be too disillusioned...

However, it is a bit of a flat spot!

I suspect every new author must go through this doubt, but it is slowing down my desire to press on with other projects, and I have had a couple of days of easy distraction.

How have others out there adjusted to such doubt?




  1. Don't allow slow sales to dampen your desire to press on with other projects. You are following your dreams and passion, keep going, so you have something equally great (I haven't bought or read your story, but I know it will still be great) to follow up with!

    Talking from the 'unpublished' author side, I would be cheering with every single sale I made to the point I most certainly would be quite tipsy lol

    1. Thank you Char. Very true. Somebody must have pressed my negative button yesterday! Much better day today, and back on track.

  2. Glad you are back on track today, Phil! The low spots are not nice. But seriously, 93 a week? Holy Cow!! You are on your way, my friend. I had the same experience in the beginning and truthfully, I think Amazon likes to mess with your mind a little. I hope the sun shines for you the entire day, my friend!

    1. Thanks Megan; I am quite pleased, but most of those would have fallen in to the 'giveaway' I did. It certainly got some activity and ratings for a few days, but I shall be glad to see a slow but steady turnover...ideally!

      How is book two coming along? Love your location. I am part way through a short novel; one of three I want to use to take my characters to 1854/5, but I am at then end of chapter one and at 7500 words already. Might end up being another full novel.

      I don't know about you, but I have a different feel for this work, and a couple of others I have in progress. Much less tell and much more show, and very conscious of shorter, punchier sentences this time.

      It's scary what I know (or more I think I now know) or have learned in just a few months.

      If you need a beta reader or early review for the next, don't hesitate to ask!


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