Sunday, 24 March 2013

Enough of this English Winter and Snow!

I am feeling energised!

I have had enough of the snow, and an English winter that seems to have been with us for at least five months if not six.

My first self publication 'Leicestershire Myth & Legend - in verse' is now available through 'Createspace' and their outlets; Amazon.Com; and Amazon.Eur, and as an ebook through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Shortly those outlets will be supplemented by FeedARead and their outlets also.

My first novel 'Jack Ketch's Puppets' is now about one week from becoming available, through the same outlets.

So, why am I feeling energised?

At long last I can stop worrying about getting the first two books out and into the Market Place, and I can start to write again!

To get me out of the English Winter, my first venture is a Novella, the first in the 'Tony Lawrence' series, and will be set in the heat and aromatic, heady atmosphere of Santorini, Greece.

I can feel the warmth on my back already, and possibly the need for a little research trip!

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