Thursday, 7 March 2013

A day of highs and lows, or lows and highs?

Yesterday, I was advised of a company in England called FeedAread, who are a self publishing source. I have to say, I have trialled their site and their software, and it looks great. They are also much quicker than I was first given to understand, and turned around my first internal review within about four hours.

The end products look good so far, and I will continue to use them, I believe for my paperback versions of my novels.

That was the Highpoint!

The lowpoint?

I got my hardcopy proof from USA for my 'Leicester Myths and Legends - in verse'  and immediately found two errors that had got past both myself and my other faithfull reader.

Createspace were clear to suggest - proof your hardcopy - as this happens time and time again.

Also, apart from a nice cover, I am not happy that I have done the inside justice, so I am taking this time to review the appearance, and perhaps add some artwork.

So, my hopes of first one out this next week or so, are slipping backwards.

That being said, I want it to be right, so it was worth the investment.

So, to those of you who have been asking when it will be out...a delay I am afraid!


  1. Hi Phil! Oh, you have my sympathy! I just finished getting the finalized paperback of my book from CreateSpace, but that proofing process... wow. On the eve of approving the proof, I found an error I couldn't believe I'd missed, and had to delay till it was fixed. Hang in there! What you said was exactly true: you want it to be right, so it's worth the investment! :)

    1. Hi Megan; I wouldn't have believed it had been missed, so many times. I think our brains turn off, and I had relied on the American spell-checker and got completely the wrong word? Never mind. When I saw the overall finish, I also knew it needed refining, so it has been a steep learning curve!


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