Friday, 11 January 2013

New writer's nerves

A strange week has elapsed in the writer's studio!

Only one week ago, I was enjoying the positive feedback and constructive criticism of early readers of my first novel 'The Borough Boys'.

Yesterday, I finished a comprehensive edit of the work in progress, having taken into account ideas that had been raised by some of those who had helped by responding to the preview or rough draft, and some tweaks gained from published articles, particularly the 'does' and 'do nots'  of completing your first novel.

Last night I printed off the latest version, and was amazed at how much more I began to see that could be improved, or that no longer sounded as effective. Also, the number of typos and basic errors that again had slipped through the net. As such I went mad, yet again, with my trusty red pen.

I had heard people say 'read and re-edit', 'read again and re-edit', yet I could not have imagined how much more I could find with each subsequent review.

I am hoping that the current version is now nearer the finished 'first draft'. But - I am getting the 'jitters'!

At the same time I have had a couple of very polite rejection e-mails from initial submissions to agents, and, I suspect, going through a period of self-doubt, with which, no doubt, other authors and writers will be familiar.

I am stepping back today, and passing the latest version to my good lady wife, to ensure that I have not forsaken the spirit of the storyline to endeavour to achieve literary compliance!

When people say 'there is at least one novel inside everyone', there probably is, but I suspect many have given up before it has seen the light of day. I do not wish mine to go the same way!

Any imaginative trusted ideas out there as to how to review in a different light, and restore self-confidence?

Or am I just being hyper-sensitive?


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