Monday, 14 January 2013

Am I alone in nervously awaiting first publication?

I get really nervous about the novel that I now have sat waiting, either for potential agents, competition deadlines, or the possibility of self-publishing.

As you may have seen from my other blog entries, I am an avid viewer of BBCs 'Ripper Street' series, set in 1889 Whitechapel.

I know that the 19th century had limited opportunities for hobbies and interests, but during the first episode, I noted that DS Drake was an accomplished Pugilist, as is my own main character!

In yesterday's episode, during the arrest and interview of a suspect, the man had his arm broken during the arrest, and then during interview the arm was used to 'lever' the confession from him that the Police required...

In Chapter eleven of 'The Borough Boys' a similar event occurs with one of my suspects, but purely during the arrest.

My novel's progression is captured by a file full of version specific drafts, each dated, and I can show that on 1st November 2012 my chapters included the above storyline...

But, the similarity to a current BBC drama worries me!

I just want to get the book out now so there is no doubt about where the ideas have come from. But boy - am I anxious or what?


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