Sunday, 30 December 2012

Reading and writing for pleasure

Before I forget, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

I have had a fruitful couple of days, and these have been matched by some positive feedback from some of my friends out there who have now read the preview to 'The Borough Boys' on the links to this blog.

I have also had some constructive criticism from creative writers, and this has given me food for thought about some modifications.

Reading some of the new best selling crime novels, and also reading reviews of them has also rung one or two alarm bells.

I know what books I like, and I know when I like a book, because I pick it up and normally don't want to put it down unless I have to.

It would seem that some of the authors of these books are not very good writers...

Who says?

I suspect, people who picked up the stories and didn't like them. or who thought that they were not technically and intellectually "correct"

But I loved them!

I also like teams that don't always win, and food that isn't 4 star, and wine that is less than £10 a bottle, and clothes that don't make me look like "man at C & A" (showing my age now!) and cars that don't have designer badges and designer price tags...

I want to write books that people want to read, for them to pick them up and not want to put them down!

So, they may not be grammatically correct, and they may not stand up to the "intellect police" out there...but I will judge how good they are by the response I get when readers choose.

Am I wrong?

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