Saturday, 1 December 2012

Another day dawns bright, if not a tad too cold for me!

A good excuse to spend another couple of hours researching my next novel...and update today's blog.

For my friends and family abroad, I have added a "Translate" option, which you will find at the bottom of my Blog "Home" page, and appears to translate very quickly and efficiently!

I am finding that every idea I have now developed for both my first and second novels, leads to far more questions that I need to ask, and to far more research that I need to conduct, to ensure that the work is as near accurate as possible.

We take so much for granted...for example Christmas. I am just writing a section which will relate to Christmas 1854, and trying to establish what people did or did not do, compared to today, is both fascinating but also time consuming...

I read a blog recently which suggested that as a work of fiction, not to get hung up about detail...I find that quite a disappointing suggestion... and also it takes away your personal capacity to learn and to educate, which I personally love in a good book.

Google awaits!

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